Successive reports have highlighted the need to improve capability, adopt common standards, introduce key performance indicators, implement better information systems, innovate, and improve the engagement of clinicians and other key stakeholders – all with the aim of helping NHS procurement raise its game and deliver sustainable efficiencies and is reflective of all the great work being done around the PPIB tool, NHS Standards, PSD and those wonderful PTPs which I am sure you all enjoyed writing , well – you’re going to get a second chance to perfect them!

This year’s HCSA 2018 Conference and Exhibition NHS Procurement – Shaping the Future will provide delegates with stimulating inputs and a lively atmosphere in which to discuss and debate the key issues. The Conference will be taking place at a time when NHS budgets are under considerable pressure and the expectations of NHS procurement to leverage further significant efficiencies have never been higher.


HCSA 2018 Annual Conference and Exhibition will provide delegates with an ideal opportunity to:

  • Hear from a broad range of experts on how NHS procurement will meet challenges and seize opportunities while operating in such a dynamic NHS and economic environment.
  • Find out what is happening to develop both the profession and its future procurement leaders while delivering further efficiencies.
  • Hear from procurement partners about the challenges they face and how working more collaboratively can leverage better outcomes.
  • Understand the latest commercial thinking across the health care sector.
  • Network with a highly influential audience drawn from health care procurement, commissioning support and suppliers.